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About this website

This site was created out on my personal desire to share information about the history of this beautiful area of the Potomac River valley. I grew up about 1/2 mile from the river near Glen Echo. The natural beauty of the area has held me captive since my youth.

In High School I saw a group of 1890's photos of the Glen Echo Chautauqua and was fascinated by them, I began collecting anything I could find on the history of Glen Echo, but Glen Echo was a tough nut to crack; there was little written on it's history and what was there was full of contradictions.

After some time I decided to write a history of the Glen Echo Chautauqua and Amusement Park. During my research I found a lot of information about neighboring Cabin John and the Washington Aqueduct that runs under MacArthur Boulevard. As my interest grew I acquired more information about these areas and expanded my collecting to Great Falls as well.

The website is my own creation, any errors on the site are mine and I will gladly correct any errors or credit oversights upon notification.

All material on the site is copyrighted by me effective at the time of creation which is 2008-2009 unless otherwise noted.

Richard Cook
January 2009

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