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Glen Echo Park: A Story of Survival

by Richard Cook and Deborah Lange

Captures the can-do spirit of Glen Echo Park...filled with delightful anecdotes, fascinating historical nuggets, and extraordinary photos that will be treasured by all who love Glen Echo Park.

- Connie Morella, US House of Representatives

An excellent blend of important local history and nostalgia...wonderful memories of the Spanish Ballroom, where I used to announce the big bands.

- Mac McGarry, NBC Television Host of "It's Academic"

Brings back precious memories of days gone by: going to Glen Echo Park with my mom and dad - a childhood highlight, and later as Bozo the Clown for another generation of Glen Echo Park kids.

- Willard Scott, NBC Television Reporter for "Today"

Over 100 historic photos of Glen Echo Park from the Richard Cook collection, including 26 photos from the Chautauqua era and 62 photos from the amusement park era - the most comprehensive history of the park available.

Over ten different photographs of Glen Echo roller coasters including the famous Coaster Dips.

Six photographs of trolleys at Glen Echo, including a rare view of the Glen Echo Electric Railroad car barn.

See Glen Echo as few ever have, including a photograph of the original stone front of the Clara Barton House that has not been seen in print for over 100 years.

Many never before published photographs Glen Echo in its HEY-DAY. Recall those fun filled days gone by.

Available for $29.95 plus tax and postage and handling.

$29.29 per copy
$ 3.50 postage and handling (for 1-10 copies)
$ 1.50 tax if shipped to a Maryland address

Contact Richard Cook by e-mail to order.

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